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It’s a Process...

By Daniel Bromberg ︎   
In 2018, Everlane launched ReNew: a campaign and line of products promising to use 100% recycled plastics in their supply chain by 2021. While I was working full-time at Imprint Projects, our team fully concepted, designed, and managed the build for a 14-day pop-up in the heart of SoHo, NY. We laughed, we cried, and at the end of the day we created an experience that brought people closer to what goes into Everlane products. The space came together to show how the company is strongly dedicated to a sustainable future, and how you as a consumer can make a difference in what you buy and support.

ReNew Launch
SoHo, NY 2018

My Role
Lead Designer
Spatial Concepts and Design
Signage and Graphics
Build Drawings and Management


We decided that the space and overall experience should fit into three overarching moments that Amaze, Inform, and Engage.

I was responsible For Big picture concepting with the larger team, drawing and communicating ideas both internally and eventually to the client (A Mixture of doodles, flat renderings, and 3d models).



We concepted an installation to show the massive amounts of waste created from single use plastic bottles (PETE ♳) in the United States.

Exploring ideas from mountains and pathways made from shredded bottles, to tunnels and abstract landscapes, to the impact of a single bottle in the middle a massive space...

I was responsible for concept, drawing, modeling, and overseeing Installation.





It was important to show Everlane’s offerings and manufacturing process in a way that was minimal, simple, and ultimately, informative.

We explored how physical materials, like shards of plastic, could be used as fillers and bases for product displays and different educational moments.

I was responsible for DESIGN, Mockups, modeling, CONSTRUCTION DRAWINGS, and overseeing Installation.


Above being a concept shop for the new Everlane line of products, the space needed to be flexible and open for a full 2 weeks.

That means room for a huge opening party, seating arrangements for panel discussions, room for workshops and demonstrations, and everything in between.

I was responsible for Layouts, Flow of space, DESIGN, Mockups, modeling, CONSTRUCTION DRAWINGS, and overseeing Installation.


︎Objects + Space

The space was modeled entirely in SketchUp and presented to the client as a mixture of video walkthroughs, renderings, plan views and elevations.

I worked directly with our fabricators and created build drawings for all aspects of the space.

I was responsible For Design and modeling for all elements of the space, including construction drawings, and overseeing installation.